Stuck in Moncton

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

OK...This is Crazy!

Let me set the scene.....

A torrential downpour in Moncton, part of Hurricane Wilma. Fall Soccer Season, final game of the regular schedule. 10 days of rain prior to this. Now picture the soccer pitch! Mud in all the right places!

We, the soccer team, brave the elements to play this really meaningless game. The first group of players start out onto the field. Our substitutions go to a vehicle to stay warm. We start the game.

On one of the very first plays, I attempt to tackle one of their players. We were in mid-field. I take a step towards this "Giant" soccer player. When I say GIANT, one of the girls on our team refers to her as the MACK TRUCK. Anyway, I start to lunge at this girl as she is gaining some momentum. As I do this she steps away slightly which causes me to loose my footing a bit on my back leg. Before I get a chance to react to my slipping rear foot.....I'm on the ground face first in the mud!!!! I looked like I had just had a mud spa facial. You can just picture my white eyes and white teeth glowing from beyond the muddy face. Anyway, of course, the girls on the field and the truck are cracking up laughing....but no one comes out to sub me off. So, I took my shirt and wiped the mud from my face and continued on. The play doesn't stop until the whistle blows....or "Play the Whistle" as we say.

We do end up winning the game by default. The other team didn't want to play anymore and gave us the win. Can't wait until the Indoor Season starts.

That's all for now...boys and girls!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Running is Freedom

If any of you out there are runners, you will sympathize with the topic of my current post.

I went for one of those magical runs today. One of the runs where you feel your feet and legs could keep going on forever. You sneakers hit the ground and you are propelled forward with complete ease, just like they were springloaded. It is a great feeling!! Your heart rate is humming along at a nice rhythm that you could almost pace with. You arms are hanging loosely by your side swinging in contrast to your feet. Just one of those runs!

The thing I love about running is that you lose yourself in what you are doing. You clear your mind of all your troubles and you just concentrate on your stride length, heart rate, and pace. You hear nothing but the clip clop of your sneakers as they hit the pavement. It is exhilarating! You solve problems or forget them whichever you are looking to do. You forget about all the bad going on in the world, at work and in your life. You just breathe!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Great start to the Season!

My summer soccer season has once again started and we are now 3-0. (You may not really care to know this but it starts the story off and I hate coming with the first sentence).
We were sitting around chatting like we normally do....our idea of warming up is a couple of stretches and more stories about the weekend's events. Anyway, we were all catching up on what has happened over the past few weeks. More babies and more weddings is basically wrapping up the key points of the conversation.
We started playing our game and I notice a guy walking up to the field. Surprise Surprise it is Super Soccer Star ex-BF! This is the guy that I consider to be my real ex. All the other guys that I have dated in between him and my current "Whatever You Want to Call Him" were just guys. So, as I watch him meander up to the field he heads over to the opposite teams bench. I figure that he must be dating someone on the other team....of course, I'm wondering what I could do to her on the field that is legal and sooo much fun.....oh wait did I say that out loud. I just like them to know that I'm not one easy to deal with and I won't let them treat my ex badly.
In my next sub-off, I lean over to one of the girls and tell her about my ex being on the opposite side of the field. Slowly, well, like wildfire, the news spreads to the whole team. Everyone is very nice and they all say hello to SSS as they pass by him. A little awkward maybe????!!!! We have a real laugh at what one of my fellow teammates has blirted out.... "So, who are you f****** now???" as a question to him that we may pose as we are running by him during the game. I didn't say that we are the nicest or most proper team on the field!
At the end of the game, the other team is getting ready to leave. One by one, they leave but SSS is still on the sideline. One girl is still left, who I happend to know has a bf and she gets up says a few words to SSS and then leaves...OK What's up with that?!
Our team has basically started to clear out, except for a few of us that sit around and talk about the game while contemplating a beer. We watch as one of our new pick up players slowly starts to walk across the field. Our mouths couldn't have been more, chins are on our chest they are so low. We didn't say a word for over 3 minutes which is an extremely long time for any one that knows us! So yeah crazy...I'm now playing with my ex-bfs new gf....awkward much!
But the best is.......the next evening at work I get a phone call. My assistant answers and states there is some guy on the phone for name just a guy. I pick up the phone and guess who it is.....not hard huh...SSS! He has called to sort of apologize to me for last night. He said that if he found it awkward so then I must of. I proudly inform him that I was OK until the end when he walked out to the field to meet one of my teammates. He kept talking telling me this and that and I just kept laughing. I really feel that he was more put out by the whole thing then me. I dealt with it " LIKE A ROCK STAR" as B/E/G would say! Kudos for me! We get off the phone as I continue laughing for the rest of the night! Talk about a good story!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

6 O'clock Showdown!

Every once and a while I realize how far the maritimes are behind the rest of Canada!

Actually it sort of hits me like a tun of bricks!!!

I happened to be listening to K94.5, the local music station, on Tuesday night at work. Which is very unusual as the boss doesn't particularly like that station due to the music content (e.g. Eminem) so it usually gets put on an easy listening station. But that's another story.....
Anyway, the local station has a nightly event called the 6 o'clock showdown where they put a new song, the"Challenger", from an old artist or a rising artist, whatever the case may be, up against a "Champion". The "Champion" has won the showdown from the night before.

Well, anyway, on Tuesday night they had this new song by Natalie called Energy on, which isn't a bad song but it was up against get this........a new rising star! His name is Kyle Riabko. Get this the Kyle Riabko, the new artist, that B/E/G and I have been listening to since last summer. What is with the maritimes???? Now anyone who know me or my friend B/E/G, would know that we are absolutely in love with this young guy! We saw him at a music festival last September in Toronto and boy can he play, sing, and get down. Thanks to B/E/G for being such a geek and listening to CBC Radio!!

But anyway back to my story!

They are just getting around to playing this guys music out East almost 10 months later!!!!! This is crazy!!!! I just can't believe that being a 2 hours plane ride away from central Canada can place you this far into the dark ages. I always knew that we were a little behind the times with dance/techno music and especially fashion but I didn't realize how bad it was.

Boy, I'm glad that I have B/E/G to keep me up to date in music and fashion..... Can't wait for my next visit to the big city!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Daddies Little Girl!

I have been doing a lot of reflection on my life lately. Have I been happy with the decisions that I have made? Who I have spent time with? My choice of careers? My spending habits! What habits....I just like to spend and spend money on what ever I want at the time.

I realized a very important thing.....that my Dad has had a big influence in most of these decisions. I'm not saying that he has made these decisions for me but...he has almost always been asked for his opinion. I started wondering why I always seem to ask him for his opinion??? It is because he is almost always right!

I was even talking with my youngest brother the other day about our Dad. It is funny how many times he has been right about bad decisions that we have made. I moved to Fredericton thinking that the job I had been offered was my dream job! He warned me that the promises made by the owner of the clinic may not be something that would happen. He was right! My middle brother decided that he wanted to buy a house that is on George's Lake in Fall River. My Dad warned him that the water pump and water system might not be the best. What has my brother had problems with.....the water and water pump! Dad's right again. Is it his wisdom? years on earth? the fact that he investigates everything before he buys or pays the bills??? I'm not sure. All I hope that at some point in time in my life, I inheret some of these genes!

The last thing that I realized which is very important for all you daughters out there:

I'M AFRAID TO DISAPPOINT HIM! Why is this? I don't think that he is going to fire me as his daughter. I don't think that he would ever come to me and say "I told you so!" But I'm still really afraid to disappoint him. I hate talking about my b/f problems with him. I definitely don't like to talk to him about my money situation. Even though, he is an accountant and could probably help me with budgeting....what's that?? He has been trying really hard to become more involved in my life. He is really concerned that I may becoming depressed. He is making weekly appointments with me to talk and discuss my concerns when it comes to money and Ebola.

I guess that whether you are 12 or 31 years old, you will always be....


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Quote of the Week!

"You will never leave where you are, until you decide where you'd rather be."
-Dexter Yager

Up For a Move????

Hello to the two of you that actually read my blog!

My week has again been very eventful! I have told the one person in my life that I want to share my life with that I love him...but unless he wants to be with me, I can't talk to him anymore. He was asked not to call as I would not answer. How tough is that? To this he responded that he probably would call and that to not be surprised if he was at my door someday. But that's just not like show up without calling. Not much for surprises this guy.

So as some of you know, I've been contemplating a move in my life. I change of scenery so to speak. I feel that if I don't change soon, I'm going to become a little crazy in my own little world.

All my closest friends have now moved away. The others are mostly located in Halifax. This is where my social life exists....2 and 1/2 hours away. I've been travelling to Halifax every other weekend for over a year now. Why???? Because my B/F lives there, his 10 year old daughter lives there, my 2 brothers and their g/f live there, my best friend from Physio school lives there and many other aquaintances. I've been contemplating this move for over 2 years now. When is it going to be right for me???

I don't know if there is ever a right time so I've decided to take the plunge and ask around about job opportunities in the HRM area. I have heard of a few thru the Physio grapevine but I've also emailed a few clinics closer to where I might like to live to see if there are any positions available. I just feel like it is the right time for a change.

Now, I know that you are asking I doing this for me or for him? I think that he does have a factor in this but I'm going to find a place of my own, maybe room with a friend or family for a while. I need to be me without him for a while in the city. I also think that it would put him at ease that he wouldn't need to be my entertainment at all times. I'm a very independent person but I do know what he is seeing and I just want to be me for a while!!! never know what you are going to learn about yourself in the meantime.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Why do INTERESTING things always happen to me? I'm not the best blogger in the world. But when your life has been not sooooo exciting who wants to write about it??????
Well, for those of you who know have already heard my latest story and I have been told that I can't repeat it on my blog. Thanks for the advise B/E/G!!!! I guess it would be really nasty for the other person involved huh!!!
Anyway, I've been doing alot of soul searching.....or "who am I??" searching. I have made a few adjustments to who I am and who I want to be. I'm not happy in my job...I'm bored actually. I'm not happy living in Moncton when all my friends live away....B/E/G in Toronto, Alias moving to Calgary, and Sprinter in Colorado. All great place to go and visit but not great when it comes to hanging out for a coffee or better yet a nice bottle of red wine!!! I'm really contemplating a move....Halifax anyone????
I'm really excited about doing Canine Rehab and can't wait to get my new business up and running. You should see how well dogs respond to physio techniques. I can't wait to start!!! But you can't start until you have all the stuff like business cards, has to be very professional!!! So, anyone out there that knows dog lovers...pass on my name!!!
As far as CFT, there has been new developments. You never really know a person until you have spent at least two months with them. Things start appearing that you may not have gathered from what they actually say! I do however think that he is a really nice guy!
Oh, I also talked with my ex-ex-boyfriend (Super Soccer Guy aka. SSG )last night. I haven't seen him in ages. He is doing really well....still at the same job...surprise surprise. Still playing alot of soccer. No new girlfriend right now. His family keeps growing...more and more neices and nephews! He is slowly starting to look at investing in a house but he is not sure whether this will be in Moncton or Sussex. So now I know why we would never work out??? Nice guy....but he is very small town and loves it!
Well, I'm off to watch a girlie movie with JA JA.... Most likely a silly flick...Miss Congeniality 2 or The Pacifier... You know real true character developing type of movie!!!
Catch you later.